There’s a point I don’t think a lot of people consider. But I think it’s important.

Donald Trump hates you.

You, personally. You, the person who is reading these words. Whoever you are. Even if you went to his rally and heard him speak. Even if you lined the street to cheer as he passed. Even if you went to the airport to wave a banner. Even if you shared memes on Facebook saying he’s great. All of you. Donald Trump hates you.

Some people like that he hates you. But he hates them too. He hates the girl wearing this shirt.

And I don’t just mean that we keep hearing stories about how he thinks people in the military are stupid losers or how he thinks black people are too stupid to vote for him or how he thinks Christians are dumb or how he thinks people come from shithole countries.

I mean, Donald Trump has been a public figure for more than 40 years. He’s been a celebrity longer than Ryan Reynolds has been alive.

What do we know about the President?

What brings him joy?

What makes him laugh?

What makes him reminisce?

What makes him cry?

What makes George W Bush laugh? What brings Bill Clinton joy?

I mean, we don’t know much, but we know what makes George Bush laugh and what brings Bill Clinton joy. The answers are horrific, but we damn sure know them.

Imagine the President sitting down to have a nice conversation with Melania. What do they talk about? What happy memories do they share? What music do they listen to? What makes them laugh together?

Here’s the truth. Every President only works for some people. We can argue about how big that group of people is, but they all care about just some people.

Conservatives think Obama’s group was just black people or just Muslims or just Immigrants or just…whatever group they hate that isn’t them.

Liberals think George Bush’s group was just white people or just rich people or just rich white people.

Trump’s group is Trump.

He doesn’t even care about his kids. It’s not clear he has any relationship with Baron. He uses Tiffany’s name so rarely that people joke that he doesn’t know it. He clearly doesn’t respect Eric or Donald Jr. He speaks over them and allows them to speak only when they praise him.

The only person one could conceivably argue he cares about other than himself is Ivanka.

But he only cares about her insomuch as he can use her as a mirror for his own magnificence. He thinks she’s smart because she does what he tells her to do. He thinks she’s important because she has wealth that he’s provided. He thinks she’s attractive, the highest compliment he could give any woman.

Donald Trump cares about himself and, potentially, one of his children as an avatar for his own greatness. That’s the list. You’re not on it.

He’s so psychologically broken and so desperate for adoration and fealty that there’s no other personality left.

Donald Trump is grievance. Donald Trump is anger. Donald Trump is angst. Donald Trump is spite.

Donald Trump isn’t a complex man of deep feelings doing his best in a difficult world.

Donald Trump isn’t a bumbling buffoon who keeps sliding into and out of escapades that he just doesn’t understand.

Donald Trump is the thing you unleash on your enemies. The cruel monster that will vanquish your foes.

There’s no turning the corner. There’s no starting to get it. There’s no growing into the job. He’s doing the job! He’s an arsonist holding the match and the can while telling you only he can put out the fire.

He’s cruelty personified. He’d happily see millions of you die to keep him in power a little bit longer or put just a few more dollars in his pocket.

No matter who you are, what you believe, the sum of your acts or the legacy you want to leave behind; Donald Trump doesn’t care.

Donald Trump hates you.